Since its establishment in 1987, the successful growth of this company as a memb­er of Humpuss Group is evident. It evolved from the merger of two distribution companies namely, PT. Humpuss Methanol Indonesia, Pertamina's distributor for Methyl Alcohol (Methanol) and the Aromatic Division of PT. Humpuss, Pertamina's dis­tributor for Purified Terepthalic Acid (PTA). The merger formed the company called the Petro­chemical Division of PT. Humpuss which expanded in 1989 to become the General Trade Division of PT. Humpuss with two additional business operations; commodity trading and agency services.

On 18 Oktober 1993, the General Trade Division of PT. Humpuss changed its status to a separate business unit named PT. Humpuss Trading. And now PT. Humpuss Trading becomes the foundation of Humpuss Group to be growth into the areas of energy trading activities. Its business scope encompasses two major areas: refined oil products and mining products trading.

Managed by professional team, supported by fully sophisticated infrastructure-facilities and most updated technology, PT. Humpuss Trading expect to become an International Leading Energy Products Trading House.